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About Us - Slipform Construction Company In India

Slipform technology was a groundbreaking new construction technique for quick, efficient concrete placement. We saw the merits of Slipform as a way to better meet the needs of the customers and markets they serve and invested in the technology.

From there, things took off. The recruitment of the best employees allowed the company to make a strong introduction of Slipform technology to the New England construction market. Through the commitment of MIS Infrastructure employees; the company has grown and adds to a list of literally hundreds of projects successfully-completed – and enjoys the kind of repeat business that only commitment to quality and customer service can bring. Customers have seized on Slipform’s advantages to efficiently and profitably manage their projects as well as an enduring and attractive alternative to traditional concrete placement.

MIS Infrastructure operates throughout Maine placing concrete slipform curbs, curb and gutter, barriers and pathways in the commercial and public sectors. MIS Infrastructure is a leader in the slipforming industry in Maine.

MIS Infrastructure has contributed significantly in the growth of Infrastructure in the country over the last Eight year and continues to provide solutions in the field of Civil Engineering. Searching for new and innovative methods of solving present day construction challenges is an integral part of the Company’s being. The Company is credited with pioneering the art of integrating engineering and functioning of hydraulic jacks.